Learn As You Earn

The culinary and pastry Apprenticeship program at Houston Country Club is a 3 - year learn as you earn training program. Apprentices will rotate throughout the entire kitchen working at a variety of stations while gaining needed skills.


The minimum hourly requirements spent at each station are based on American Culinary Federation Apprenticeship Guidelines. The supervising chefs will closely monitor the progress of apprentices at their assigned stations on a daily basis.

Working Full Time Plus Classes: In addition to working full time, the apprentices will be required to enroll at a local community college where they will receive additional related instructions. Classes will be attended once or twice a week based on course schedules.

Associate Degree Program Recommended: The Houston Country Club program committees encourage the apprentices to obtain an associate degree in culinary arts, however; it is not mandatory. 


Graduation Requirements

In order to officially graduate from HCC apprenticeship Program, all apprentices

  • Will be required to pass Apprenticeship Practical Exam.
  • Prepare a cold edible buffet platter within allotted time.
  • Have the choice of attaining their associate degree by the end of their apprenticeship.
  • HCC apprentices are also required to participate in at least 2 ACF-approved culinary competitions.
The graduating apprentices will also receive their official Houston Country Club graduation Diploma plaque during a ceremony.